# Roles & Permissions

zoolo offers the possibility to define granular user authorizations. User roles allow access to different modules to be specified. In addition, individual input fields can have their own authorizations for each module.

In this way, for example, the case can be shown that a user can see all projects, but within a project only certain input fields are visible, others are invisible or only readable.

# Manage roles

Under Settings / Roles you will find a list of currently defined user roles: User roles

Normally the role "admin" should always be available which has full access rights.

# Create roles

With a click on "+" at the top right you can create a new role and assign a name. New role

As soon as the role has been saved, it can be opened again and individual access rights to all modules can be managed: Role

# Input field rights

A click on ">" to the left of the name of a role opens a detailed list in which access rights can be assigned for individual input fields: Role detail


The permissions for the entire module override the permissions for individual fields.

If, for example, only read rights have been assigned to the module, a single field cannot be given write rights.