# Change history

Every change made to a data record is saved in an audit-proof manner by zoolo.

Changes include the following actions:

  • Create a data record
  • Edit a data record
  • Delete a data record

Changes are saved per data record and can be called up via individual data records.

# Call up change history

The change history of a data record can easily be called up within the detailed view using the small button at the top right:
View change history

A list of the last changes and comments will then open

# Comments

Comments can be stored within the change history of each data record. Users can also be tagged in comments and informed about them by email.

# Write a comment

Comments can be written within the opened change history of a data record using the text field below:
Leave a comment

# Tag users

Users can be selected and tagged within a comment by typing @.
As soon as the comment is saved, the respective user is informed by email about the link in a comment.